Kane on Trademark Law: A Practitioner’s Guide (includes CD) (Intellectual Property Law Library)

PLI’s Kane on Trademark Law is decidedly different, bringing attorneys the practical instruction they need to help clients and offering interested laypersons the accessible legal coverage they’ve been seeking — all in one convenient, easy-to-read volume.

Kane on Trademark Law shows you how to select and develop trademarks that won’t trigger costly legal disputes; use and maintain trademarks in ways that will protect them over the long term; and license and expand trademark rights to maximize the full value of trademarks. Kane on Trademark Law also helps you to protect trademarks in court, by showing you how to prove various types of infringement and other legitimate threats. At the same time, this versatile resource highlights a variety of proven legal defenses against claims made by plaintiffs at trial. Included are step-by-step checklists, laborsaving sample forms, and full-color examples of effective trademarks.

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